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Dear SHS Starsteppers Supporter, 

The Saginaw High School Starstepper Varsity dance team is proud to be an active part of Saginaw. These young women spend countless hours practicing, performing and working with the community.  They gain a lot from their experience.  They learn discipline and work hard as a team. Their experience is invaluable. Becoming a member is quite an accomplishment and very expensive.  The dancers are responsible for paying for practice uniforms, footwear, costumes, camp fees, contest entry fees and travel expenses to competitions just to name a few expenses.  The Booster Club’s mission is to help raise money to defray the out-of-pocket expenses as much as possible for the dancers.  The Starsteppers Booster Club is seeking sponsorships to help pay for expenses.

Sponsorship of the team or an individual Starstepper would be very beneficial to our members.  We have several levels of sponsorship and would appreciate your generosity.  In our April Spring Show Book, your name will appear in the book as a Sponsor. Your generosity is tax-deductible donation for the year, but the benefit to the girls will last a lifetime.  We appreciate any donation and assistance that we receive.  Please, look at the following information for sponsorship.  If you choose to help simply fill out the information and return it to the P.O. box address listed above or download the sponsorship form.  If you would like to donate other items to the Starsteppers please use this form.  Thanks in advance for your time and consideration in this matter!



Star: Mention on Sponsorship Page of Spring Show Book.

Under $99

Bronze: Star package plus 1/4 page ad in Spring Show Book.

$100 - $249

Silver: Star package plus 1/2 page ad in Spring Show Book, Listed as a sponsor on our website.

$250 - $499

Gold: Star package plus full page ad in Spring Show Book, Listed as a sponsor on our website and your log on our Dance Clinic t-shirts (two clinics a year)

$500 & over

I/My Company wishes to help support the STARSTEPPERS Team or individual

Individual Name: ____________________________________________

I/We, _______________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________

Phone ______________________________________________________

email _______________________________________________________

would like to sponsor, for the following amount  _________________


In the Dance Spirit,

Carole Bailey Booster Club President

Home of the 2008 National Champions


The Starsteppers would like to thank the following sponsors:



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